The Karn Group Joins the BDA

I’m pleased to announce the newest member of the BDA, The Karn Group.

The BDA now represents over 100 firms headquartered nationwide and is firmly established as The Association for Fixed Income Firms active in the US bond markets.

The addition of The Karn Group benefits all BDA member firms by adding market intelligence and experience to the BDA’s overall advocacy and focus on fixed income trading, regulation, and overall market structure.

About The Karn Group:

The Karn Group Inc. (TKG) offers advanced solutions for fixed income compliance and trading.

TKG keeps you prepared for examinations in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. We are the largest provider of fixed income compliance solutions. Our clients include many of the largest US broker/dealers, banks, correspondent networks, and investment advisors. One-third of all retail municipal, corporate, and agency trades reported to the MSRB and FINRA are supervised by our compliance system every day. We annually price more than 350,000 unique securities and 4 million transactions. Our comprehensive web-based system automates the analytics that supports your compliance obligations regarding the fair value, best execution, commissions, markups/downs among others.

TKG leverages your trading expertise to increase coverage and profitability. Our trading solutions automate the complex process of real-time yield curve generation, security pricing, and yield spread analysis for the municipal and credit fixed income bond markets. Using customized strategies our automated municipal and corporate bond bidding system can daily select among and respond to thousands of bids wanted from multiple electronic platforms and order management systems.

In addition to fixed income compliance and trading products, TKG offers equity compliance, best execution, and trade surveillance solutions for SEC and FINRA regulated broker-Dealers including SEC NMS 605 and 606 reporting.

For more information on the BDA please contact Mike Nicholas at or 202-330-2739.  You can also find more information on the BDA website:

Thank you for your continued support!

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