Starting this Week: MBFA Virtual Fly-In Infrastructure and Municipal Bonds May 7-12

The Municipal Bonds for America council is planning a “virtual fly-in” for Steering Committee members starting this Friday. As infrastructure continues to move on Capitol Hill, members will have the opportunity to discuss these key muni priorities with DC decision-makers in the House, Senate, and in the Administration:

  • Restoration of tax-exempt advance refundings;
  • Expansion of PABs including ESG;
  • Raising the BQ debt limit; and
  • Reinstatement of direct-pay bonds exempt from sequestration.

This event is part of the ongoing MBFA effort to ensure Congress includes municipal bond financing in any federal infrastructure package.

The MBFA has recently launched a new initiative:

Infrastructure in America: Munis Since 1812 

Analyzing projects of the past, present, and future will tell the story of how municipal bond market financing has built American infrastructure with efficiency and low cost since 1812.

If you would like to get more involved with the MBFA, please contact Brett Bolton at

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