SEC Adopts Amendments to Modify MA Forms

The SEC recently adopted a set of rule amendments removing certain personally identifiable information (PII) from a group of SEC forms, including Forms MA and MA-I (and their variants). Specifically, the amendments eliminate portions of the forms that request filers to provide certain PII, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, or Foreign ID numbers. The amendments take effect today, May 14th. Information on the amendments can be viewed here.

Though the rules have been amended, the actual forms the filers complete in EDGAR have not yet been updated to reflect the rule amendments. As a result, when completing Form MA, MA/A, MA-A, or Form MA-I or MA-I/A, filers will see sections that ask for PII. Filers should not provide this information.
A copy of the Commission’s Adopting Release regarding the rule amendments can be viewed here.

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