Press Release: BDA Statement on the Federal Reserve Municipal Liquidity Facility

We welcome the Fed’s support for the market and we are hopeful this facility will provide needed help to municipal issuers. We are looking particularly at how smaller issuers will access the facility. We look forward to working with the Fed and others to ensure that any extraordinary help for the market is applied as effectively as possible. We also urge the Fed to use its CARES Act authority to provide support as needed for the secondary market for municipal bonds – providing much needed liquidity, benefiting the overall market.

The Bond Dealers of America is the only Washington, DC based trade association that represents securities dealers and banks whose focus is the U.S. bond markets.  We work passionately to promote public policies and market practices that improve the market environment while also providing a forum for its members to learn, collaborate, debate and discuss issues of common interest.

The BDA acts as a clearinghouse for industry information and issues and provides educational opportunities for industry professionals through conferences, seminars and roundtables. By supporting the interests and prosperity of our members, we help to strengthen the companies, municipalities and investors who depend on them for both access to market liquidity and to raise the capital they need to grow and prosper.

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