BDA / Nixon Peabody Issue Price Summary Document

BDA and Nixon Peabody have released an Issue Price Summary Document to assist BDA members in engaging issuer clients in conversations about the new issue price rules, which are effective on June 7th.

The BDA / Nixon Peabody document is designed to provide an overview of the new issue price rules, including important new definitions and requirements related to competitive and negotiated deals.

BDA Next Steps on Issue Price

BDA and Nixon Peabody will host an in-depth conference call on issue price during the week of May 22nd. That call will include a more detailed overview of how the obligations and requirements of underwriters will differ for negotiated and competitive deals. It will also provide an opportunity for BDA members to ask questions and discuss priority compliance issues.

Please expect a scheduling email for that call shortly. In the interim, please email with any issue price questions so we can be sure to address common questions on the upcoming call.

Additional Information

  • The final IRS issue price rule is here.
  • The SIFMA model issue price documents are here.
  • The NABL model issue price certificates are here.