BDA Featured in The Hill: Bonds are a Fair and Responsible Way to Finance Projects

The BDA submitted a post as a member of the Municipal Bonds for America (MBFA) Coalition, highlighting the importance of tax-exempt municipal bonds as a viable solution for project finance, which was featured in the Hill’s Congress Blog. BDA is a founding member of the MBFA. You can read a copy of the article here.
The Hill is a widely read publication which is distributed to all 535 members of Congress, in addition to lobbyists and other trade associations in Washington.
The article was written as a response to the piece, “Bonds are Taxes,” which argues State and local governments have the capacity to pay for needed projects out of current tax revenues. In reply, BDA presents that:
  • Voters maintain control over the financed projects in their communities through municipal bonds
  • Municipal bankruptcies and defaults, have been, and remain rare; and,
  • State and local governments are potentially underinvesting in infrastructure and other capital needs
We hope this information is valuable. Please contact the BDA with any questions.
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