BDA Announces Formation of Working Group on Fixed Income Market Structure

October 3, 2018
This week, the Bond Dealers of America (BDA) announced the formation of a Fixed Income Market Structure Working Group.  The working group will focus on all aspects of fixed income market structure with leadership from the retail, institutional, taxable and municipal bond markets. The goal of the working group will be to engage with regulators at the SEC, FINRA and the MSRB to offer the opinions and insight of the BDA’s member firms on industry structural changes in the evolving fixed income marketplace.
The working group brings together a seasoned and diverse group of industry professionals from 20 BDA member firms.  As a ‘Main Street’ thought leader on fixed income market structure, the BDA’s working group anticipates direct engagement with Capitol Hill, federal regulators and other market participants. 
“Underneath the cyclical gyrations in the fixed income marketplace, there are serious secular changes taking place. By virtue of its membership, this working group will provide a unique perspective about the critical issues faced by the fixed income industry. Our collective voice will play a critical role in helping policymakers ensure that tomorrow’s investors will be fairly served in the fixed income markets,” said co-chairs Brad Winges of Piper Jaffray and Kevin Giddis of Raymond James. 

Preliminary topics of interest to the working group include federal regulation and the impact on fixed income liquidity, technology and the impact on trading and sales, electronic execution in the taxable and municipal markets, and evolving buy-side capabilities and expectations. The working group will hold its first meeting via conference call on Monday, October 15. 

Visit the Fixed Income Market Structure Working Group page to see who’s involved.

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