BDA 2021 Policy Focus

The BDA is the established advocate and thought leader in Washington, DC for the US bond markets.  No other group is as focused or aggressive and below is an example of the BDA’s bond market policy focus as we roll into 2021

For more information please visit or contact us at 202-204-7900.

2021 Federal Policy Focus:

  • Promote municipal bonds through federal infrastructure legislation
  • Ensure the SEC does not resurrect the TCE for MAs
  • Corporate syndicate settlement and SEC net capital rule
  • BondMarkets 2020 – Comprehensive recommendations for regulation of the US bond markets
  • SEC re-evaluation of the MA Rule
  • Remote work and review of FINRA and MSRB rules
  • Maintain opposition to TRACE Pilot Program as proposed by FIMSAC
  • FINRA Rule 4210, including BDA, approved amendments
  • Press the MSRB to reform its fee structure and budget

We look forward to representing you in the new year!

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