Fixed Income Leadership Webinar – RECAP

Recap with Links to Each Webinar


August 5 – 3 pm ET

Market Structure, Technology, and FIMSAC: The fixed income markets are more electronic, more automated, and more transparent than ever before. Have regulations caught up with market developments? Hear from two industry leaders, both members of the SEC’s Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee.

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August 6 – 4 pm ET

Fixed Income Market Structure and Trading Disruption:
A conversation about the evolution of bond markets in light of the COVID crisis. Understanding the new liquidity providers, new technologies, and innovations in building real client relationships.

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Password: BDAFILeadership2020

August 10 – 3 pm ET

The Municipal Market in a Time of Uncertainty: A Conversation with Peter Hayes of BlackRock:
The municipal market is facing an unprecedented confluence of events. The virus has generated extreme volatility and has threatened municipal credits, yet levels are at historic lows. We’ll hear from one of the biggest municipal investors in the country, the Head of Municipals at Blackrock, on how the firm is positioning its municipal portfolios to withstand the storm.

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Password: BDAFILeadership2020

August 11 – 3 pm ET

Assessing the Municipal Credit Landscape in Response to the COVID-19 Economic Crisis: 
Current Credit Conditions, Current Primary and Secondary Municipal Market Conditions, Risk Management and Expectations for the Remainder of 2020.

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Password: BDAFILeadership2020

August 12 – Pre-Recorded Interview

A Conversation with Congressman French Hill (AR-2): 

  • Problems the Congressman has with the SEC’s Temporary Conditional Exemption for MA’s;
  • The ongoing stimulus negotiations, including possible state and local funding; and
  • Muni provisions and infrastructure legislation.

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