Washington Weekly

Following a month of lackluster Coronavirus and economic news, Congress once again pushed itself to the brink with 11th hour negotiations on a stimulus package. However, this round they failed to deliver relief for millions of struggling Americans, and entities such as state and local governments, including school and health care systems, that desperately need emergency funding nationwide.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has signaled his willingness to pass a package without majority support of his Conference as support for the HEALS Act faltered, while the President continues to tout his Executive Authority, threatening to take unilateral action, including a potential legally murky maneuver to lower the payroll tax for working Americans.

August recess is scheduled to begin today, but many endangered Senators continue to press Leader McConnell to keep the chamber in session until passage of the stimulus bill, however concerns remain that we may be too close to the election to get a deal done. Following talks last night, a deal remains elusive, leaving many to wonder what the next steps may be, if any.

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