Innovative Financing for a 21st Century Infrastructure

BDA Hosted Roundtable Early 2019

As the 116th Congress kicks off in early 2019,  attention will turn to major policy initiatives that were unfinished in the previous session and at the top of this priority list will be infrastructure.

The BDA is in the process of  planning a D.C. infrastructure event in early 2019 to further its position as a thought leader on infrastructure finance – from a Main Street perspective.  As key details emerge such as date and location in Washington, D.C. and featured speakers, the BDA will provide updates.


The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee released a discussion draft this summer, outlining at a very high-level, priorities for a future package.  A focus of the draft was innovative financing mechanisms, including public-private-partnerships.  The BDA views this as an opportunity to advance member priorities: PAB’s, AR and continued protection of tax-exempt municipal bonds.

This event will not only help drive the narrative for the need of a sweeping infrastructure overhaul, but allow the BDA to position itself as a policy expert for this discussion.

Tentative Schedule (February/March 2019 – Exact Date TBD)

Keynote Lunch Address from Policy Expert

Panel 1-Legislative Prospects on Capitol Hill

  • Moderated panel featuring Committee/Administration staff
  • Discuss outlined legislative draft
  • Dig deeper into upcoming opportunities
  • Hedge likely outcomes

Panel 2-Outside Perspectives

  • Includes Senior policy representatives from like-minded D.C. based associations
  • Discuss priorities needed to consider legislative success
  • Benefits of PAB’s, AR, and Muni’s
  • Best practices on advocacy strategy
  • Likely outcomes/desired outcomes

For more information, please contact Brett Bolton at

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