BDA to MSRB: Its Time to Address Dramatic Funding Imbalances and Outdated Revenue Model

Today, the Bond Buyer featured a BDA op-ed titled, Its Time to Address the Dramatic Funding Imbalances and Fix MSRB’s Revenue Model. The piece comes as the 10th anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Act approaches next month, and following the recent submission of MSRB Draft Amendments to Rule A-3 and A-6.

The Op-Ed can be viewed here

The BDA argues that a rebalancing of fee structure is long overdue with the MSRB receiving 75% of its revenue from its dealer registrants, and less than five percent coming from “MA Professional Fees.”

The BDAcalls on the MSRB to implement a new fee structure — transaction-based or otherwise — that represents a fair allocation of the MSRB’s costs across all parties.

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