BDA Launches Affiliate Member Division – Through Partnership with Hilltop Securities

We are pleased to announce the BDA Affiliate Member Division, through direct partnership with HilltopSecurities, where we immediately add 50 new member firms to more comprehensively represent Main Street broker-dealers headquartered nationwide.  The firms active in the Affiliate Member Division are regional broker-dealers of a certain size that also clear through a BDA member firm. 

The BDA now represents over 120 firms headquartered nationwide and continues to be the predominant representative and voice in Washington, DC when advocating for the interests of fixed income dealers whose primary focus is the US capital markets.  The formation and launch of this Affiliate Member Division makes the BDA a deeper, stronger and more effective trade association – tangibly benefiting all BDA member firms.

For more information on the BDA’s Affiliate Member Division please click here.

For more information on HilltopSecurities Clearing please click here.

The BDA represents securities dealers, banks, technology and information providers with a primary focus on the US fixed income markets. Through direct, federal advocacy, industry events, market practices and industry surveys, the BDA continues to be the primary advocate in Washington, DC for fixed income dealers.

For more information on the BDA or how to get more directly engaged, please contact Mike Nicholas at or 202-204-7901. 

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