BDA Hosts Call with MSRB on Unique Challenges Posed by COVID-19

Last week, a group of BDA Municipal Bond Division and Legal & Compliance leadership hosted a call with the MSRB to discuss the unique challenges dealers are encountering because of the volatility in the market and the move to work from home for many market participants.

The MSRB shared its focus during these challenges, which primarily focuses on collecting data from the municipal securities market which it makes available to other regulators and the market as a whole.

On the call, dealers shared a variety of concerns, such as:

  • The duration of the suspension of the Price Variance Alerts,
  • Some current challenges in filing Form G-32; and
  • Suggestions concerning additional data that the MSRB could provide.

The MSRB is encouraging market participants to share concerns they are experiencing so that the MSRB can consider whether any regulatory response is needed to address those concerns.

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